About Minkovski

Dim neon lights, whispers and sharp clicking sounds at the snooker table. An Henry Mancini's old theme was floating in the bar room and Minkovski's slumbers were coming out from a glass of Irish whiskey. Coincidence of night wanderings, it's in this exact studio City(L.A), close to Mulholland Drive, that he encountered Paul Kimble. It only took a few words and some friendly chords for the musician and the producer to seal their friendship and their team work.


On that very same night, Minkovski went straight to Bob Hope airport, Denver and then Europe. Back in Paris, Paul caught up with him a few months later. They both hit the road in the winter sky, vanishing into the depths of a remote mansion in the countryside.  It's in this quiet and remote place that they would record their first EP. Fragments of Minkovski's past would emerge from these opus chants , alternating with feverish atmospheres haunted by insistent electric and acoustic guitars



Skin of the Night



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